Nov 152015

In Automatic Mouse and Keyboard, you can create a Scripting.FileSystemObject object, then use the object to get the size of a file.
Get File Size

You can download the sample from GetFileSize.amk

To load a txt file, you can call the function LoadTextFile. And then you can call the function SplitString to split the texts to lines. You can also call SplitString again to split a line to values. The following sample show you how to load a text file and split its content.
Load Text File

You can download the sample from
And you can learn more about the function SplitString from

Jun 142014

You can call the function XLS_Create to create an excel file. And you can call the function XLS_Open to check if an excel file exists. If it does not exist, then call XLS_Create to create. Sample: Excel.amk

Create Excel File

There are many other excel functions in Automatic Mouse and Keyboard, to learn more about them, please seeĀ

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