Jun 142014

You can call the function XLS_Create to create an excel file. And you can call the function XLS_Open to check if an excel file exists. If it does not exist, then call XLS_Create to create. Sample: Excel.amk

Create Excel File

There are many other excel functions in Automatic Mouse and Keyboard, to learn more about them, please seeĀ http://blog.robot-soft.com/how-to-operate-excel-file.

If you have read the help document of Automatic Mouse and Keyboard, and want to learn more about it, then you can download and see these samples: amk_samples.zip

Sample 1: clipboard.amk
Show you how to get the clipboard text.

Sample 2: excel.amk
Show you how to operate an Excel file.
How to operate an Excel file

Sample 3: find_file.amk
Show you how to find files in a directory.
Find Files

Sample 4: named_data.amk
Show you a very useful data structure NamedData.

Sample 5: sort_array.amk
Show you how to sort an array.
Sort Array

Sample 6: sqlite.amk
If you use the database SQLite, then you can see this sample.

Feb 282013

Excel functions now are available in Automatic Mouse and Keyboard. There are 15 Excel functions:
XLS_Open: Open an Excel file, will return the handle of the Workbook.
XLS_Create: Create an Excel file, will return the handle of the Workbook.
XLS_GetCell: Get value of a cell.
XLS_SetCell: Set value of a cell.
XLS_DelRow: Delete a row.
XLS_DelColumn: Delete a column.
XLS_GetRow: Get a row, return an Array which contains the values of the row.
XLS_GetColumn: Get a column, return an Array which contains the values of the column.
XLS_SetRow: Set a row.
XLS_SetColumn: Set a column.
XLS_Save: Save the Excel file.
XLS_AddSheet: Add a new sheet.
XLS_DelSheet: Delete a sheet.
XLS_SheetRowCount: Get row count of a sheet.
XLS_SheetColumnCount: Get column count of a sheet.

You can operate Excel files easily with these functions.
Operate Excel File

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