Feb 112014

In the latest version of Automatic Mouse and Keyboard, a DateTime variable minus another DateTime variable returns a TimeSpan variable. Now you can compare DateTime easily. Here are some samples show you how to compare DateTime.

Sample 1: CompareDatetime.amk
Compare DateTime

Sample 2: DatetimeSpan.amk
DateTime Span

Sample 3: NextDay.amk
Get Next Day

If you have read the help document of Automatic Mouse and Keyboard, and want to learn more about it, then you can download and see these samples: amk_samples.zip

Sample 1: clipboard.amk
Show you how to get the clipboard text.

Sample 2: excel.amk
Show you how to operate an Excel file.
How to operate an Excel file

Sample 3: find_file.amk
Show you how to find files in a directory.
Find Files

Sample 4: named_data.amk
Show you a very useful data structure NamedData.

Sample 5: sort_array.amk
Show you how to sort an array.
Sort Array

Sample 6: sqlite.amk
If you use the database SQLite, then you can see this sample.

Feb 282013

Excel functions now are available in Automatic Mouse and Keyboard. There are 15 Excel functions:
XLS_Open: Open an Excel file, will return the handle of the Workbook.
XLS_Create: Create an Excel file, will return the handle of the Workbook.
XLS_GetCell: Get value of a cell.
XLS_SetCell: Set value of a cell.
XLS_DelRow: Delete a row.
XLS_DelColumn: Delete a column.
XLS_GetRow: Get a row, return an Array which contains the values of the row.
XLS_GetColumn: Get a column, return an Array which contains the values of the column.
XLS_SetRow: Set a row.
XLS_SetColumn: Set a column.
XLS_Save: Save the Excel file.
XLS_AddSheet: Add a new sheet.
XLS_DelSheet: Delete a sheet.
XLS_SheetRowCount: Get row count of a sheet.
XLS_SheetColumnCount: Get column count of a sheet.

You can operate Excel files easily with these functions.
Operate Excel File

Automatic Mouse and Keyboard has a function named CalculateExpression. This function can calculate the value of a math expression string. And Automatic Mouse and Keyboard can compile a script to EXE, so you can create your own apps.

Step 1.
Download this script: Calculator.amk, and open it with Automatic Mouse and Keyboard.

Step 2.
Click “File“, then click “Compile to EXE“.
Compile a script to EXE

Set the output file, then you can see the Compile Options dialog. Check the options “Do not show the status window while the app is running” and “No stop hotkey” and “No pause hotkey“. Then click “OK“.
Compile Options

Run the app, then input a math expression. Then click “OK“.

Automatic Mouse and Keyboard comes with many useful functions. You can generate a random number with the function RandomNumber.

Step 1. Click the toolbox, and click “Functions“.

Step 2. Select the function “RandomNumber“.

 Step 3. Set “MinNum“, “MaxNum” and “ReturnValue“. Then click “OK“.
Random Number

There are many other useful functions in Automatic Mouse and Keyboard. Click here to check it out.

There are two ways to preview the position of a bitmap in Automatic Mouse and Keyboard or Advanced Mouse Clicker.

Method 1. Click the “View BMP Position” button in the Search Picture dialog.

View Bitmap Position

Method 2.  Select a Search Picture action, then click the “View mouse position” button.

View Mouse Position

To learn more about RobotSoft products, please go to http://www.robot-soft.com

Mouse and Keyboard Recorder now has a new version Now left handed people can record and repeat mouse and keyboard actions with it just like right handed people. You can even record actions in left handed mode, then play the record in right handed mode.

Mouse and Keyboard Recorder

Of course, the other RobotSoft products like Mouse Recorder and Automatic Mouse and Keyboard support left handed people also.

Now Automatic Mouse and Keyboard got a  new feature: Random Mouse Position. You can move the mouse to a random position with this feature, we read this gaming mouse pad review to be as realistic as possible.

1. Click the Mouse Button, then click Random Mouse Position.

2. Then select a region, and double click on the region to confirm. Then you will see the Random Mouse Position dialog.

The Random Mouse Position action will move mouse to a random point in a specified region. If you want to change the region, just click “Set Region“, then move or resize the region and double click to confirm.

This feature is available in Automatic Mouse and Keyboard version You can download it from:

Automatic Mouse and Keyboard now has a new feature: Optimize a mouse and keyboard actions record.
This feature  makes it easier for you to edit a record.

1. Double click on a Play Recorder action to edit
Play Record

2. Click “Edit Record”
Edit Record

3. Click the Optimize button to optimize the size of the record
Optimize Record

4. Then click “OK” to confirm
Optimize Options

5. View the optimization result
As you can see, the size of the record is much smaller after the optimization! Then you can edit the record much easier.
Optimize Result

Now you can disable or enable actions in Automatic Mouse and Keyboard.
Right click on an action, then click “Disable Action” or “Enable Action“.

Disable or Enable Actions

You can even disable all actions except the action you selected. This make you easy to test a single action.

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