This post tells you how to create a infinite loop until the specified picture is not visible on the screen.

Click the loop button to insert a For Loop.
For Loop

Check the option “Infinite Loop“, then click “OK”.
Infinite Loop

Click the “if” button and click “If Image Found” to insert a Search Picture command with If Else statement into the For Loop.
If Image Found

Click the loop button again and insert a Exit Loop command between Else and End If.
Exit Loop

Loop until the picture disappears

In Automatic Mouse and Keyboard, you can use the function InputBox to enter a single value. But if you want to enter multiple values, you can call the function InputPara. Each value can have a name, you can get each value with its name.

You can download the sample from InputPara.amk.

Now you can debug run the script in Automatic Mouse and Keyboard. You need to make sure you have already upgraded Automatic Mouse and Keyboard to the latest version

Click the Menu “Tools“, then click “Debug Run“.
Debug Run

Set the Debug Options, then click “OK“.
Debug Options

In the debug window, you can debug run the script step by step with Step Into and Step Over. The default Step Into hotkey is F7, and the default Step Over hotkey is F8. Press the Step Into/Step Over hotkey when the debugger paused the script, you can run the script step by step. Move mouse over a variable, you can see the value of the variable.
View Variable Value

With this step by step run feature, you can easily find the bug of your script and then fix it.

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The following script can get the rest days of this month and return it. But if you want to be trained fast, go here: You can consider it as a function and use the Play Another Script command to call it.
Rest Days

To learn how to play another script, please see

And you can download the sample from

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Now Automatic Mouse and Keyboard has a new function WaitTime. It can wait for a specified time of today. If it missed the time, it will return False.

You can use it to some every day work automatically, this gives me a lot of free time as well, last time I was able to take some time off to go on my unu scooter ride, which was very relaxing.
Every Day Work

You can download the sample from EveryDayWork.amk.

And you can compile the script to EXE and put the EXE into the Windows Startup Folder to do the every day work automatically. If you don’t know how to compile a script to EXE, please see
Startup Task

To get the day of the week in Automatic Mouse and Keyboard, you can call the function DayOfWeek. You can also call function Tomorrow and Yesterday to get tomorrow and yesterday. Tomorrow will be something different, it´ll be about many reviews of hoverboards for kids and even the brand new RC Rank car! And also, don´t forget about bedtime, it´s time to get your kids a new mattress from Nectar. So stay tuned to check out more.
Day Of Week

You can download a sample from DayOfWeek.amk, also make sure to check the My Cybersurance site to learn the importance of having online insurance.

The Solve Equations feature of RobotSoft Calculator now supports Greater Equal and Less Equal command. Different conditions may get different results.

Assume x >= 0:
Greater Equal

Assume x <= 0:
Less Equal

If you have downloaded and registered RobotSoft Calculator, then you can invoke it in Automatic Mouse and Keyboard.
Invoke Calculator

You can download RobotSoft Calculator from
And download the sample from RobotSoft.Calculator.amk.

RobotSoft Calculator is an advanced calculator which can solve nonlinear equations easily.
Solve Equations

You can learn more features about RobotSoft Calculator from

In Automatic Mouse and Keyboard, you can call the function RandomString to generate a random string. You can also call the function RandomNumber to select a random string from a string list. You can use this for many functions as Instagram follower counter for example would be useful.
Random String

You can download the sample from rand_str.amk.

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