Automatic Mouse and Keyboard comes with many useful functions. You can generate a random number with the function RandomNumber.

Step 1. Click the toolbox, and click “Functions“.

Step 2. Select the function “RandomNumber“.

 Step 3. Set “MinNum“, “MaxNum” and “ReturnValue“. Then click “OK“.
Random Number

There are many other useful functions in Automatic Mouse and Keyboard. Click here to check it out.

The Solve Equations feature of RobotSoft Calculator now supports Greater Equal and Less Equal command. Different conditions may get different results.

Assume x >= 0:
Greater Equal

Assume x <= 0:
Less Equal

If you have downloaded and registered RobotSoft Calculator, then you can invoke it in Automatic Mouse and Keyboard.
Invoke Calculator

You can download RobotSoft Calculator from
And download the sample from RobotSoft.Calculator.amk.

RobotSoft Calculator is an advanced calculator which can solve nonlinear equations easily.
Solve Equations

You can learn more features about RobotSoft Calculator from

In Automatic Mouse and Keyboard, you can call the function RandomString to generate a random string. You can also call the function RandomNumber to select a random string from a string list.
Random String

You can download the sample from rand_str.amk.

Automatic Mouse and Keyboard now has a very useful function StringFormat. It can return a formatted string. You can get a specified format string with StringFormat easily.
String Format

You can download a sample from str_fmt.amk.

With the Scripting.FileSystemObject object, you can get a drive serial number. It is useful when you want your script can only run in a specified computer.
Get Drive Serial Number

And you can get the sample from GetDriveSerialNumber.amk.

In Automatic Mouse and Keyboard, a script can play another script. Play another script just like invoke a function, you can pass arguments and receive script return value.
Play Another Script

You can learn how to pass and receive arguments from
And you can learn how to modify values in another script from

Jan 142016

In Automatic Mouse and Keyboard, it is very easy to use SQLite database. The following sample shows you how to create a table, and how to insert and get a record.

And you can download the sample from sqlite.amk

Nov 152015

In Automatic Mouse and Keyboard, you can create a Scripting.FileSystemObject object, then use the object to get the size of a file.
Get File Size

You can download the sample from GetFileSize.amk

It is very easy to match a regular expression in Automatic Mouse and Keyboard. You just need to call the function RegExpMatch.

Click the “Pattern“, then you will see the “Regular Expression” dialog.
Regular Expression

Select the “Expression type” as “<Common regular expressions>“.
Common Regular Expressions

Then you can find some common regular expressions.
Common Regular Expressions

You can learn how to create regular expressions from the common regular expressions.
And you can download a sample from RegExp.amk

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